Member Organizations

We are the member of Some national and international organizations as under,
1) New world Hope in Pakistan
2) Hope world wide Pakistan
3) Peace Foundation
4) Pakistan Christian welfare Society

Pak Community Peace foundation Accredited with the world Summit on information Society Secretariat Geneva in 2003 and also accredited to the 12th session of the united nation conference on the trade and development (UNCTADXII) Palais des nation, Geneva in April2008.
PCPF were also accredited with World Urban Form4 Nanjing,China in 2008. PCPF also, accredited with UNFCCC,Bonn,Germany.
PCPF PCPF also, Accredited for the conference on financing for development in Doha, Qatar from 22 Nov2008 to 24Nov2008 and we get the membership for many international organizations.
1) World Scientific and engineering academy and society
2) Ethical Corporation in Brussels.
3) Aid and Trade in UK
4) European Public Health Association
5) UNISDR Secretariat for Asia and Pacific.
6) UNESCO Bangkok
7) Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia
8) Devnet organization in New Zealand


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