Water Induced Disaster Management Program

Considering the earthquake of 8 October 2005 in Pakistan , PCPF has been launching disaster preparedness, mitigation, relief and rehabilitation programs. It gives priority to the vulnerable people of affected areas. It has launched the following programs.
• Formation of Earthquake victims' organization
• Livelihood support program for disaster victims'
• Awareness raise activities
• Advocacy
• Lobbying
• Press conference
• Interaction program
• Workshops and seminars
• Trainings
• Relief materials supply
• Bulletin publication
• Health and sanitation program
• Snack bite training


Introduction In the agenda of PCPF-Pakistan has the center of attention on carrying out for protection of the environment, sanitation and improvement in the eminence of water and also systematize the people to make brighter their water and sanitation circumstances. This program has been premeditated for people living in the abandoned areas including the slum and rural areas. The rural community and poor settlement where the condition of Water & Sanitation is worse needs to be positive. The focal point is on recruitment of the group of people to take self-help resourcefulness to do effort in point of fact for the improvement of healthy environment. Every man, woman, youth and child has the human right to the utmost attainable living standard, without discrimination of any kind. Enjoyment of the human right to Healthy Environment is very important to all features of a person's existence and their welfare. And is also fundamental to the understanding of many other basic human rights and freedoms. Keeping the apprehension, PCPF-Pakistan systematizes the workshops and Seminars for the better understanding of the healthier environment in the different / encompassing areas in need on the basis of its survey. SANITATION Constructions of Latrines During the year 2010 flood in Islamabad and Rawalpindi twin cities. At some stage in the team of PCPF-Pakistan’s investigation it is being observed that some of the slum areas in Rawalpindi & Islamabad were very badly affected. For this unintentional and enormous flood many slum areas affected, due to this dilemma and almost 175 houses have demolished and 225 families were affected in the slum area pointed by the PCPF-Pakistan named Dhoke Assoo.The streets have been disappeared from the display and the sewerage system was also shattered. Because of not having the proper latrine systems the people from the local area adopted and start to use the Open Area Latrines that caused the terrible and reprehensible surroundings and was ready to generate the different diseases in the area. Small children are becoming in poor health and having the dysentery and abdominal problems type diseases. PCPF Pakistan assessed the need through meetings with the local population and the state of affairs that was noticeable for all and sundry. In this circumstance PCPF Pakistan planned to build latrines for community keeping the purpose to provide the Healthy Environment among these dishearten and suffering people from the problem of sanitation. PCPF-Pakistan also opened the Medical Camps for the deserving children and Provided the medicines. The request for the above-mentioned interest of PCPF-Pakistan for building up the latrines was sent to the (International Organization) The request was sent to International organization for financial assistance. International organization did not responded to our request positively and not provided funds for the construction of latrines. PCPF Pakistan wants to construct ten latrines for community and especially for women and children. The construction of latrines was an immediate response for Healthy Environment and Sanitation facility for flood affected people in Dhok Najhoo, and New Katarian Rawalpindi. CASE STUDY Mr. Markes Masih is a resident of Dhok Najhoo. He participates in the social activities for development of his community. He worked during the rain and flood emergency with different organizations in his community in relief work. He also worked with PCPF Pakistan. During this rain and flooded area in Rawalpindi PCPF want to construct ten more community latrines for this community. He says that the immediate response of PCPF during this emergency situation in their community for better and healthy sanitation is very supportive for the affected community. He says that the team of PCPF is very supportive and worked very hard for the flood-affected people. After wards the above-mentioned Mr. & Mrs. Markes started to work for PCPF-Pakistan and now both are the most active members of the organization. RAIN & FLOOD EMERGENCY Background On Monday morning July, 2010 Rawalpindi and Islamabad twin cities received heavy rains, which lasted for about eight hours. During this time 620mm downpour, a record since past century, paralyzed life in the twin cities. The famous Nullah Lai (the main drain), makes its way through both the cities failed to stop the heavy flow of water and left free and destroyed the adjacent low-lying localities in both the cities. It reached some area the height of 18 feet, touched the ceilings and covered the roofs, demolished hundreds of houses and swept the slum settlements in its rage. Hundreds of animals, uncountable household items property of billions of rupees, roads, bridges and many human lives. The most affected was the Christian Kachi Abadies in the both cities. PCPF PAKISTAN INTERVENTION DURING EMERGENCY PCPF in response to the emergency situation conducted a survey of the affected communities. PCPF worked in collaboration with the other National organization named World Human Rights organization in this emergency situation and catered 200 families in affected communities in the shape of following items. Relief Items Soap• Blended Food for Children• Food commodities • Slippers• O.R.S• Blankets• Used Clothes• Dry Milk•


PCPF Pakistan provided books to 172 flood-affected children in Rawalpindi in collaboration with Education Department, Local well-reputed people and other Humanitarian Relief Organizations.


PCPF Pakistan provided 125 tents to most deserving flood affected during the recent emergency situation.


Razwan is a 9 years old student studying in class three in a government school in Rawalpindi and living with his family in Gunjmandi, Rawalpindi. He says that during this flood they lost everything and the books of the children also washed away.
PCPF-Pakistan helped us for relief items and especially books for children. Before receiving books from PCPF-Pakistan we were very anxious about our books because our parents did not have enough money to buy books for us.
They were buying other household goods because everything in the house was damaged. When PCPF Pakistan distributed us the books we were very happy and felt that our future has been saved.
Mr. Karamat Bhatti
General Secretary
Environmental Program
Regional office-Rawalpindi-Pakistan



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