Summary of PCPF

Pakistan Community Peace Foundation (PCPF) is an International, Non -Governmental, Non-Profitable Organization working for the human rights and humanitarian aid, Environment, youth, and Enhancement of education, healthcare, women development and food programs for the poor and needy desiring community in Pakistan. (PCPF) is the Non government organization based in wah Cantt -Pakistan established in December 1994 and registered with the Government of Pakistan under social Act21 of 1860.our committed people comprise of young and educated profeeionals, working devotionally for the whole community. (PCPF) has been setup for the betterment and good future of the Pakistan Community and the voiceless Pakistanis. Majority of peoples are poor and needy because of poverty. They can not afford the upbringing expenses of their children regarding education, health and standard food. The committed people of this ministry (PCPF) decided to work for those people who are powerless and are worried about the future of their next generations. Right from the beginning, (PCPF) has been focusing on. 1. To educate the people and save the community and their future. 2. To provide the healthcare and food for the deserving people in the different slum areas of Pakistan. 3. To provide vocational training in different professional and technical fields to cut down unemployment among the unemployed community members. 4. To communicate with the other organization, which is working with dedication to achieve their noble aims, regarding social development and improvement of community? (PCPF) is a voice for the voiceless in Pakistan. (PCPF) motto is “SPEAKE UP FOR THOSE WHO CAN NOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES" PCPF help the people to high light the problems and persecutions in the News Paper, TV media and Government official in Pakistan and abroad. PCPF Provide legal aid to persecuted Community through Police and Courts providing them lawyers, Advocates and other sourcing including protection Pakistan Community Peace Foundation can also understand the status of Pakistani women/girl and children in Pakistan. PCPF is also working to seek for the available resources and making of plans, to improve their status in society. Pakistan Community Peace Foundation helps the children (fatherless) in need who have no support in the world, and no source to run their life. Pakistan Community Peace Foundation will achieve its mission through non -political, non- religious, non-racial, non-ethnic, democratic, transparent, and commitment driven.


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